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Bare Sole

Genre Rock


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1. Flash

2. Woman A Come

3. Soul Blues

4. Let's Communicate

5. Jungle Beat

6. Woman A Come (version two)

7. Ain't Nobody Here

Recording date: circa 1969
Group Members: Richard Foster (gtr), Ron Newlove (drums), Brian Harrison (bass gtr), Dave George (gtr).
Additional Info: Demo tape sent to Decca circa 1970, but refused a recording contract.

Following information by Ron Newlove:

Formed early in 1969 from the nucleus of The Combine with financial backing of a local businessman. Supported well known national groups such as The Move, Small Faces etc at Bridlington Spa and were very busy on the local scene and out of town circuit. Recorded at Fairview late '69 and the demo was sent to Decca Records but was unsuccessful.

Special thanks to: Keith Herd of Fairview studios.


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