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The Doves

The Doves Genre Rock


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1. She's Not There

2. Smokeytime Springtime

3. I'll Cry If You Make Me

Recording date:
Group Members: Terry Clark (gtr), Brian Curtis (bass gtr), Henry Turtle (vocs, gtr), Mick Underwood drums), Ian McGlynn (lead gtr), Harvey Hinsley (lead gtr).
Additional Info: She's Not There recorded at Abbey Road studios, 4th February, 1968. Smokeytime Springtime (written by Henry Turtle) and I'll Cry If You Make Me (written by Terry Clark) recorded at Decca studios, West Hampstead, London in Autumn, 1967. Produced by John Edward. John Edward signed the band to his Instant productions agency. Band auditioned for Decca records.

Harvey Hinsley and Mick Underwood had both played in The Outlaws. Mick Underwood went on to join Episode Six then Quatermass. Terry Clark had previously played in The Herd (Peter Frampton, Andy Bown, etc..)

Special thanks to: Henry Turtle, John Edward, David Wells, Purple Heart Archive, Oli Turtle.

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