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Elli Genre Rock


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1. Mister Man

2. Don't Forget

3. My Lady Of Love

4. That's What They Say

5. The Time Has Come

6. The Children

7. She Said No

8. You've Only To Say

Recording date:
Group Members: Elli Meyer (vocs), Mike Finesilver (bass gtr), Peter Ker (gtr, flute), Vincent Crane (kbds), Drachen Theaker (drums).
Additional Info: Mister Man, My Lady Of Love, The Time Has Come, The Children - recorded 1966. Don't Forget, That's What They Say recorded 1965. She Said No, You've Only To Say recorded 1970. All songs written by Finesilver/Ker.

Elli Meyer (born Calcutta, India, 1946) arrived in London in the late 1950s. Held a job as a painter/decorator. Became a singer in a band called The Eagles in London in 1962 before joining The Neutrons then The Trendsetters (not the EMI act of the same name). Elli then joined The Infernos (Troy Dante) before meeting musicians and songwriters, Mike Finesilver and Peter Ker. Elli started to demo some of Finesilver and Ker's compositions backed by their friends, Vincent Crane and Drachen Theaker. Their demos came to the attention of EMI who issued Elli's debut single on 24th February, 1967. The demo was sent out incorrectly as 'Eli', but this was ammended for the commercial issue.

Although Never Mind b/w I'll Be Looking Out For You was a strong debut by an unknown singer, EMI also issued The Beatles Strawberry Fields Froever the same day thus swallowing up any attention that may have lay ahead for Elli. EMI were keen to issue a follow-up single and the Mister Man and My Lady Of Love recordings were selected for this a few months later, but sadly, no follow-up single ever appeared and EMI soon lost interest in the singer. Elli Meyer continued to record, but was battling even harder with diabetes, a lifelong illness that had daunted Elli throughout most of his adult life and singing career. More recordings were made, but there were no further publishing contracts or record deals in the pipeline. Mike Finesilver and Peter Ker continued to record with Elli at their own studios in Fulham, London. The studio was called Pathway and went onto host some of the New Wave acts such as Elvis Costello, The Damned, Wreckless Eric, The Police, Dave Edmunds, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Sham 69, etc..

Pathway studios was based at 2a Grosvenor Avenue, London, N5 2NR.

Drachen Theaker and Vincent Crane both joined The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Crane later formed Atomic Rooster with John DuCann (ex-The Attack - signed to Decca).

Mike Finesilver started to produce bands such as Love Sculpture (on their Forms and Feelings LP) as well as recording a variety of new bands from the early seventies through to the early 1990s at his Pathway studio in London.

Finesilver and Ker also wrote many songs for Love Sculpture and also co-wrote the song Fire recorded by Arthur Brown. They also enjoyed their own record release as Excelsior Spring for Immediate records (Andrew Loog Oldham) in 1968.

Elli Meyer passed away in 2001 after a long battle with diabetes.

All songs by Finesilver / Ker. All songs copyright Pathway Music Ltd. 2011.

With very special thanks to Elli Meyer (RIP) and Mike Finesilver.


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