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The Extreem

The Extreem Genre Rock


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1. From Out Of The Sky

2. Desolation City

3. Mal's Got The Blues

4. Meet On The Ledge

5. Some Lover

6. Day Tripper

7. Can't Stop Loving You 

8. Dreaming 

Recording date: 1970

Group Members: Deryk Poynton (vocs), Barry Civil (lead gtr, vocs), 'Wompy' Evans (bass gtr), Jeff Furnival (lead gtr), Kelvin Payne (drums), Pete Boot (drums, perc).

Additional Info: The Extreem originated from Birmingham circa 1966. After an initial audition, the band were rewarded with a single release on the independent Strike records label. On The Beach b/w Don't You Ignore Me was issued in 1967. Unfortunately, this was to be the band's only release although they later recorded a number of songs at Decca's West hampstead studios in London and Zella studios in Birmingham, in 1970. With no company interest in the recordings, the band split up soon after. Drummer, Pete Boot, joined bass guitarist, Bruno Stapenhill (from the Bitta Sweet, Blue Condition) to form Bullion (see entry) with ex- Judas Priest guitarist, Ernie Chattaway and lead vocalist and ex-Bobcats frontman, Dave Cowling. Pete Boot had also been the drummer in Blue Condition in the mid-sixties with Bruno Stapenhill.

Tracks 1-4 recorded at No.2 Studio, Decca, West Hampstead, London, 11th, January, 1970. Tracks 5-8 recorded at Zella Studios, Birmingham, 26th March & 2nd April, 1970.

All recorded and photographic material kindly submitted by Pete Boot. 2012.

All recorded and photographic material copyright The Extreem. 2012.

Special thanks to: Brian (Bruno) Stapenhill, Pete Boot, Lee Beddow (Abbey Sound studios).

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