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Elder Kindred

Elder Kindred Genre Rock


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1. Playing To You

2. Work Song

3. Castles

4. To The Old and Young

5. Finding Out

6. Saga

7. Rape

8. Superior Camp 

Recording date: 1973

Group Members: Nick Hemery (gtr, vocs), Geoff Knibbs (bass gtr, vocs), Chris Curtis (bass, vocs), Alastair Hunt (bass gtr), Stuart Gibbons (vocs), Simon Judd (kbds), Ivan Ward (sax, flute, perc), Vincent Loakes (drums).

Additional Info: Originated from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire circa 1970. Previously known as Slow Dog whose lone single was issued by EMI in 1972. Hemery, Knibbs, Judd, Ward, Loakes was the line-up responsible for these recordings. All songs recorded at Beck studios in Wellingborough. Rape and Superior Camp recorded January 1971 (sourced from surviving acetate). Finding Out and Saga recorded December, 1971. Playing To You, To The Old and Young, Castles, Work Song recorded February, 1973. The band supported many famous acts such as Renaissance, Uriah Heep, UFO and Sam Apple Pie. They were managed by Rufus Manning Associates, a booking agency based in Huntingdon responsible for managing artists such as Mr. Lucifer, Little Women, Cuckoo and Tuesday's Children.

All recorded and photographic material kindly supplied by Geoff Knibbs, Vincent Loakes, Roger Kinsey.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Elder Kindred, R. Kinsey. 2012.

Special thanks to: Vincent Loakes, Geoff Knibbs, Roger Kinsey, Pete Sarfas.

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