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Evil Eyes

Evil Eyes


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1. Barbecque Blues

2. I Gotta Know

3. Louise

4. Moving Around
Recording Date:
Group Members: Richard Horner (gtr, vocs), Chris Cheal (vocs), John Blackburn (rhythm gtr), John Milyard (drums),  Martin ‘Giles’ Rigler, Paul Taylor (drums), Phil Mudge (bass gtr).
Additional Info:

Originated in Basingstoke circa 1963. The Evil Eyes supported many bands at the time including Them (Van Morrison), The Yardbirds and Sonny Boy Williamson. Demo recorded at Regent Sound studios in Denmark Street, London in 1965. Don Craine from the Downliners Sect had spotted the band at a gig in London and offered to produce their demo. In 1966, Chris Cheal and John Blackburn took the demo tape over to the continent where Decca records in Sweden took up interest and released their debut single in early 1967. As the band were still made up of schoolboys, two members decided to quit and concentrate on studying for their exams. They were replaced by Phil Mudge and Paul Taylor from local band, The Reedmen. Taylor had only recently departed from backing David Bowie in the Lower Third. Meanwhile, the Evil Eyes’ debut (and only single) was finally issued in Sweden. The band were required to fulfil a promotional tour of Sweden, but they were let down by their booking agent and as a result, when they arrived to play, there were no real bookings! Luckily, a ‘roadie’ called Bob Young offered them his help and experience. This resulted in some quickly organised support slots, but also the band’s demise once they had returned home in 1968. 

Horner went on to join Daddy’s Sons before finally joining Carol Grimes’ backing band, Uncle Dog in the early seventies. Horner had also been sharing rented accommodation with Bob Young and Richard Sherman (The Attack). Bob Young went on to write material for Status Quo, penning some of their early hits before also becoming their road manager.

All recorded and photographic material kindly supplied by Richard Horner. 2012.

All recorded and photographic material copyright R. Horner. 2012.

Special thanks to: Richard Horner.


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