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1. Introduction

2. Beyond The Beyond

3. Reality

4. Alanderie

5. Afterthought

6. Worried Man

7. Just A Dream

8. Winter Rose

9. Church Clock

Recording Date: 1974
Group Members: Paul Lawrence (vocs, gtr), David Read (bass gtr, vocs), David Metcalfe (kbds, vocs), Pete James (gtr), Jon  Webster (drums). Bob Vann (gtr).
Additional Info:

Originated from Kent circa 1973. Recorded at Chipping Norton Studios, July/August, 1974. Sourced from re-mastered master tape. Previously known as Chapel Farm (see entry), Fantasy recorded an LP and a promotional single with Polydor records in 1973. Fantasy recorded several songs for an intended follow-up, but there was no further investment from Polydor and the recordings remained unreleased. Paul Lawrence had replaced Paul Petley as lead singer of Chapel Farm and Pete James had also taken over on guitar replacing Bob Vann who died suddenly in an accident at a Melody Maker rock band competition being held in Cliftonville, Kent (also his 18th birthday). Pete James had been introduced to the band by drummer Jon ‘Wol’ Webster as they had both previously played alongside each other in Joy (see entry). Geoff Whitehorn had played in Chapel Farm, but had already left to pursue a solo career after Chapel Farm had recorded their demos at Chipping Norton Studios in 1970.

Afterthought and Church Clock had been recorded previously as Chapel Farm in 1970.

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