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Graded Grains

Graded Grains Genre Rock


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1. Animal Magic (1st version)

2. Lucifer Sam

3. Animal Magic (2nd version)

4. Gabriel Says Yes

5. Harry The Hermit

6. Look At Yourself

7. On The Dole

8. Better By You, Better Than Me

9. Exodus

10. Chamion Dung Spreader

11. Tell Me

Recording date: 1967 - 1975
Group Members: John Gregory (gtr, vocs), Ian Street (bass gtr), Terry Pascoe (kbds), Cliff Andrews (drums), Tommy Searle (drums)
Additional Info: Tracks 1 & 2 recorded at Swan Street Studios, Torquay circa 1967. Tracks 3 to 9 recorded in Paris in 1969. Tracks 10 and 11 recorded at Upton Pyne studios, Exeter in 1975.

Graded Grains originated from Exeter in Devon circa 1965 as The Spartans (see entry) before becoming Clockwork Orange and then Graded Grains in 1967 for a season at Butlin's Holiday camp. They made their first recordings locally in Torquay with Tony Waldron. The band then started touring across Europe and eventually recorded five songs in Paris, France in 1969 (see tracks 3 to 7). Better By You, Better Than Me and Exodus were recorded at a different session also in Paris circa 1969. John Carpenter and Roger Collett from local band, The Magic Children, then replaced Tommy Searle and Terry Pascoe. This line-up disbanded shortly after and eventually John Gregory and Ian Street teamed up again until finally disbanding altogether in 1986.   

All songs composed by John Gregory/Ian Street except track 2. Syd Barrett, Track 8. Gary Wright, Track 10. Adge Cutler, Track 11. 

Very special thanks to: John Gregory, Nigel Lees, Barry Sowden.

All recorded and photographic material copyright J. Gregory, B. Sowden. 2012.

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