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Gamblers Genre Rock


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1. Frustration

Recording date:
Group Members: 

Alan 'Blackie' Sanderson (bass, vocs) (b. Tuesday, February 4, 1941, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria, UK), Ken Brady (tenor sax, vocs) (b. Kenneth Brady, Saturday, July 5, 1941, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria, UK), Alan George (piano, organ) (b. Sunday, July 20, 1941, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria, UK), Andy Mac (drums) (b. Andrew McMullen, Friday, December 12, 1941, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria, UK), Jim Crawford (lead gtr, vocs) (b. James Crawford, Friday, April 24, 1942, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria, UK), Tony Diamond (gtr, trumpet, vocs) (b. Anthony Tait, Wednesday, April 4, 1945, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria, UK died Saturday, January 2, 1999), Cec Baron (drums), Bob Elliott (piano, organ), Dennis Crawford (drums).

Additional Info:

'Frustration' recorded at IBC studios, 35 Portland Place in Marylebone, North West London.  

The Gamblers were formed in 1961 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria with Jim Crawford on lead guitar, vocals, Alan 'Blackie' Sanderson on bass, vocals, Ken Brady on tenor sax, vocals, Tony Diamond on guitar, trumpet, vocals, Alan George on piano, organ and Andy Mac on drums.
Sanderson and Crawford had been in The Pagen Jazz Men formed in January 1957 by future Animals' Eric Burdon (b. Eric Victor Burdon, Sunday, May 11, 1941, 31 Marondale Road, Walker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria, UK) and John Steel (b. Tuesday, February 4, 1941, Gateshead, County Durham, UK). Both were students at Newcatle College of Art and Industrial Design and Steel was on his first-year graphics course when he was approached by Burdon to form a band. Thus The Pagen Jazz Men was formed by Eric Burdon on trombone, lead vocals, John Steel on trumpet, who then teamed up with two like-minded students, Burdon's mates, Jimmy Crawford on four-string banjo and Alan Sanderson on drums. The band held jam sessions in the colleges common room. In Early 1958 the Jazz band changed their name to The Pagens, with Burdon on lead vocals, Steel on drums, Crawford on electric (lead) guitar and Sanderson on bass (Flat Fender). They also added Dave Ashcroft on primitive piano, rhythm guitar.
In March 1959 The Pagens met pianist Alan Price (b. Saturday, April 19, 1941, Fatfield, Washington, County Durham, UK), who was playing rhythm guitar in the three-piece The Frank Headley Combo and they supported them at The Headlam Street Church Hall in Headlam Street, Byker, East Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria. Price then joined The Pagens and they carried on until Late 1959, when they split as they were not getting anywhere. Also Steel left and got a job as technical illustrator at the De Havilland aircraft company down in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. He only lasted a few months before he returned home.
As for Sanderson and Crawford, they later formed The Gamblers in 1961 signing to Decca records. Andy Mac had a serious accident and was replaced by drummer Ces Baron.
The band released their first single on Friday, November 15, 1963 'You've Really Got A Hold On Me' / 'Can I See You Tonight' on Decca F 11780.
From January 1964 The Gamblers started backing Billy Fury (b. Ronald William Wynchley, Wednesday, April 17, 1940, Smithdown Hospital, Sefton, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK d. Thursday, January 27, 1983, St Mary Abbots Hospital, Paddington, West London, UK).  
The Gamblers made their d├ębut with Fury on BBC Radio's Saturday Club in March 1964, although they had recorded some tracks with Fury in January 1964.

The Gamblers next single was in March 1964 'It's So Nice' / 'Nobody But Me' on Decca F 11872, had just one week in the Top 30, in 1964.
After their own dates in Germany, The Gamblers appeared with Billy Fury at The Summer Show in Great Yarmouth in 1964 and in the film 'I've Gotta Horse.'
The 1965 EP ''Billy Fury And The Gamblers'' (Tracks: ''I Can Feel It,'' ''Turn Your Lamplight Down,'' ''You Got Me Dizzy'' & ''Saved'') on Decca DFE8641 is highly-regarded. The group subsequently appeared with Billy in the pantomime Aladdin at The New Theatre, Oxford, Oxfordshire.
The Gamblers retained their own management, and each appearance or tour was separately negotiated. At some point Ces Baron and Alan George left to be replaced by drummer Dennis Crawford and organist Bob Elliott.
Their third single was in May 1966 'Dr Goldfoot (And His Bikini Machine)' / 'It Seems So Long' on F 12399, their last for Decca.
Their fourth and last single was on Friday, January 20, 1967 'Cry Me A River' / 'Who Will Buy' released on Parlophone R 557.
The Gamblers split up on Saturday, July 1, 1967. Jim Crawford went on to join The Alan Price Set. Alan Price was also signed to Decca. Tait became one of The Holder Brothers.



Special thanks to the Purple Heart Archive, John H. Warburg. 2013.



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