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Heaven Genre Rock


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Songs (12)


1. Bastard Child 

2. You Will Be Free 

3. Our Plan For You  

4. The Day That Judy Came To Stay

5. The Gardener  

6. Wear Your Love Like Heaven 

7. The Invisible City Of Kartesh  

8. Old Mad Walter  

9. White Dove  

10. White Dove (alternate version)

Recording date: 1969

Group Members:

Andy Scarisbrick (gtr/voc), Ray King (sax/penny whistle), Dave Gautrey (trumpet/flugelhorn), Ray Holloway (sax/flute), Nobby Glover (drums), Mick Cooper (kbds), Brian Kemp (bass gtr/voc). 

Additional Info:

All tracks: lead vocals by Brian Kemp except track 10: lead vocal by Andy Scarisbrick

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 8 composed by Brian Kemp.

Track 7 composed by Brian Kemp and David Gautrey.

Tracks 3, 9, 10 composed by Andy Scarisbrick.

Track 6 composed by Donovan Leitch.

Track 4 composed by an unknown songwriter.


These recordings were made during 1969 at Southern Music studios in Denmark Street. They were produced by Barry Kingston. Heaven (originally a soul band known as the Universal Trash Band) lasted for around two years. During this time, one of the highlights for the band was to appear at the Isle Of Wight festival with many well known bands and in particular Bob Dylan. Heaven then split with three of the original members retaining the name and joining with others when they were signed by CBS for an LP (Brass Rock) and single.

These sound recordings are third generation transferred directly from surviving cassette copy. Cassette of original acetate used for transfer. Whereabouts of acetate unknown. Whereabouts of master tape unknown..

All recorded material copyright Mick Cooper, Ray King, Andy Scarisbrick, Ray Holloway. 2011

Very special thanks to: Mick Cooper, Dave Allen, Ray King. 2011.




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