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The Inspiration

The Inspiration Genre Rock


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1. Time Man

Recording date: 1968

Group Members: Barry Stedman (lead gtr), Keith Dangerfield (bass gtr, vocs), Mick Parker (drums)

Additional Info: 

Following text kindly supplied by Barry Stedman and Harry Spooner:

Inspiration consisted of Keith Dangerfield on Bass Guitar and lead vocals, myself on Lead Guitar and vocals and Mick Parker on Drums and vocals.  I was the baby of the band - I joined at the age of 17 when the other 2 were in their 20's.  We added keyboards for a short time (Kevin Tunstall)  We lived in Holloway Road, North London.  Just a stone's throw from Joe Meek's recording studio.  We never recorded there however Keith was closely associated with Joe and even today is involved with the Joe Meek Appreciation Society, Keith took over a flat in Holloway Road from Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore (who co-incidentally was a session musician with Joe Meek along with Keith).  Inspiration could best be described as a hard rock band - the whole Flower Power, hippie thing wasn't really us.  We were in effect a covers band with a difference.  We chose numbers from unlikely sources such as Sam & Dave and the Beach Boys and gave them a hard-edged arrangement - a bit like Vanilla Fudge!  Pete Townshend had just started smashing the odd guitar when we jumped on the bandwagon (to a lesser extent)  I once worked in a music shop and had access to a ready supply of scrap guitars - after a bit of work they were just about usable.  Under the cover of strobe lights I swapped guitars and we smashed them to pieces on stage.  Some audiences left in a state of shock! It worked for the Who but not for us so we dropped the idea.  We toured extensively throughout 67 - 69 supporting bands such as Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Junior Walker and the Allstars, The Tremeloes etc.  We were very fortunate to be represented by one of the few honest managers at the time - former Jazz musician Jack Fallon.  He was Canadian and had contacts with the USAF bases - this gave us and his other artists a ready access to some great gigs and very appreciative audiences. When Inspiration folded in 1968,  I went off as a roadie with Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera (another north London band). Keith went off to the states touring with The Honeycombs. of Keith Dangerfield relating to his solo career after leaving The Inspiration in 1969. Harry Spooner  of the band, Childsplay, was approached by Keith Dangerfield to help in writing a song and to take part in recording it. This was No Life Child which, together with She's A Witch, was recorded at R.G. Jones' studios in 1968 by Keith Dangerfield and Childsplay. This recording was confined to acetates produced under the Oak Records label.  The same two songs were soon later re-recorded with a different mix of musicians at R G Jones studios and issued under the Plexium label in July, 1968 as Keith Dangerfield and The Way Ahead. The Way Ahead were also known as the Glass Opening, another act who recorded their own material for Plexium records and whose release coincided with Keith Dangerfield's own debut release..

NB. Photographs 5 & 6 (see bottom of page)

All recorded and photographic material copyright: B. Stedman, K. Howard-Challis, Harry Spooner. 2012.

All material kindly supplied by Barry Stedman, Harry Spooner, Keith Howard-Challis. 2012.

Special thanks to: Barry Stedman, Keith Howard-Challis, Harry Spooner.


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