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Kansas Hook

Kansas Hook Genre Rock


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1. Dance In The Smoke

2. Eastern Star, Western Sun

3. Mary, The Magical Fairy

4. Soul Cake

5. Voodoo

6. Wilbur's Wagon

Recording date: 1970
Group Members: Julian Burrows (bass gtr), Rob Moore (drums), Dave Bailey (keyboards), Chris Evans (vocs/lead gtr).
Additional Info: Formed in the West Midlands circa 1969. Julian Burrows had previously played in The Iron Horse backing Don Fardon. Rob Moore and Chris Evans had previously played in the World Of Oz with Dave Kubinec. Rob Moore had also previously been the drummer for Paradox.

kansas Hook were initially signed to MCA/Uni before switching over to Decca. They had two single releases, Their debut was for Uni (Echo Park b/w Manhattan Woman) and their last for Decca (Nervous Shakin' b/w Mr. Universe).

Kansas Hook recorded several songs for the BBC circa 1970. Recordings: Mother Superior (Noel Edmonds Show, Radio One), Faces (BBC Paris studio 31/07/1970), The Earnest Of Being George - sections 1 & 2 (Johnnie Walker), Echo Park (Radio One session).

kansas Hook also provided backing for Gene Vincent and together they re-recorded a version of Be-Bop-A-Lula.

Information kindly supplied by Rob Moore. With thanks to Rob Moore. All recorded material copyright Kansas Hook/Rob Moore. 2011.

All photographic materials copyright Rob Moore. 2011

















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