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Life Size Models

Life Size Models Genre Rock


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 Recordings: See below
 Recording date: 1981 - 1982
Group Members: Rick Potter (vocs, kbds), Charlie McLenehan (bass gtr, vocs), Paul Martin (bass gtr), Martin Rooth (drums)
Additional Info:


Life Size Models (January 1981) South Coast Studios, Worthing, West Sussex 1981 We also wanted a lead singer so Charlie found Rick Potter a young and precocious musician who also played a number of instruments.

1. New Day

2. Earthward Bound

3. Girl On A Motorcycle

(Rick Potter – lead vocal, ARP Odyssey synthesiser Charlie McLenehan – guitar, backing vocals Paul Martin – Bass guitar Martin Rooth - Drums)

1982 (possibly Dragon Studio, Hastings)

1. Only Time Will Tell

2. Never Understand

(Personnel as above but Ian Hills instead of Martin Rooth on drums)

Lorri Pore’s 4 track, Seven Dials, early 1981

1. Zero Hour

2. Have You Seen My Friend (slow version, issued on Vaultage 80 compilation LP in   1981!)

(Charlie McLenehan guitar, lead vocals Paul Martin, Bass, backing vocals Martin Rooth – Drums)

Dragon Studios, Hastings (8 track) 1981

1. Clouds

2. Why Don’t You Listen To Me

3. Organisation

(Rick Potter lead vocal and ARP synth Paul Martin – Bass Guitar Charlie McLenehan – guitar / backing vocal Ian Hills - drums)

BBC Radio Brighton session 1981 (NOT INCLUDED HERE)

1. Shades of Green

2. Facades

3. Think Nought (instro)

4. Earthward Bound

(Personnel: Rick Potter – lead vocals, ARP synth Paul martin, Bass Charlie McLenehan, guitar Martin Rooth, drums)

Wickham House (?) 24 track studio, London 1982

1. Write me a Letter

2.  Boys

3. Write Me A Letter (dub)

(Personnel: Rick Potter – lead vocals, synth Charlie McLenehan, guitar, backing vocals Paul Martin, Bass guitar Rick Durrant (aka Rick-Rak), bass synth Ian Hills -  Drums)

All recorded and photographic material copyright P. Martin/Life Size Models. 2012.

Very special thanks to: P. Martin.


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