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The Lost

The Lost Genre Rock


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1. Problems Of Day To Day Living

2. Neighbour, Neighbour

3. Bread Van

4. Something To Us

5. The Times Are Gone

6. What's The Matter (With You Babe)

7. Don't Open Your Mind

8. Ernest Seymour, The Man From 66c.

Recording date: 1966 - 1968
Group Members: Bill Heath (vocs), Charlie Adamson (drums), Jake Walton (drums), Fred Ward (rhythm gtr), Chris Hatt (lead gtr), Martin Hatt (bass gtr)
Additional Info:


The band originated from Rutland, Leicestershire in 1964 as Paradise Lost. Most band members were pupils at Uppingham Public School. In August, 1966, Paradise Lost recorded at R. G. Jones recording studios. Tracks recorded were; The Problems of Day To Day Living (written by Bill Heath) and Neighbour, Neighbour (an American R&B standard). The band were accompanied in the studio by Stu Taylor (The Savages, The Tornadoes). The band re-named themselves as The Lost and visited Hollick & Taylor studios in Brmingham in 1967, recording The Spider and The Fly, Guitar Boogie, Lost In Paradise, Problems of Day To Day Living (second version), Bread Van, The Times Are Gone, Something To Us. Another recording session was booked in at R. G. Jones (Morden, Surrey) in February, 1968. The band were joined by Patrick Hannay on Piano and Mic Read on guitar (aka Mike Read, future TV presenter and radio personality/DJ). Recordings made at that session were: Whatís The Matter (With You Babe), Donít Open Your Mind. Although the band were enjoying a steady run of gigs, The Lost decided to disband temporarily with Jake Walton and Bill Heath pursuing other ventures (namely, travelling the world while they still could). Remaining musicians, Chris and Martin Hatt were joined by Paradise Lost drummer, Charlie Adamson with John Vaughan taking up lead vocals. They went out on the road as The Undergrowth of Literature, playing Holiday camps such as Butlins. In August, 1968, they opted to record their live set as a memento of their touring. SWALABR, Now, Gotta Have A New Dress, Manic Depression and a group original called High In The Sky (C. Hatt / Adamson) were recorded in two hours! Ironically, another future Radio One presenter would be their tour manager/roadie, this was Peter Powell who was also another ex-pupil from Uppingham Public School in Rutland. In late 1968, Bill Heathhad returned from his pursuits and formed a songwriting partnership with pianist, Dick Ellis (Heath and Ellis were now both trainee solicitors). By February, 1969, The Lost had reformed, but were now to be known as Just Plain Smith. Mic Read had been launching his own recording career with Amber and as a solo artist  before returning to the Hatt brothers et al. A further recording session was made at R. G. Jones studios and the band chose Februaryís Child (Read) and Donít Open Your Mind (Heath, Hatt) as a single to be released on the independent Sunshine label. This recording session also included Patrick Hannay on piano and Sir Tim Rice (Tim Rice at the time) on joint vocals. Also present were Jake Walton and Dave Knight on percussion and Colin Standing (future member of Horse). Meanwhile, Jake Walton left to join Lazy Farmer (Wizz Jonesí backing band), Ric Parnell (son of big band leader, Jack Parnell) very temporarily stood in on drums before leaving to join Horse with Colin Standing then forming Horace with Jim Mercer then joining Atomic Rooster. Parnell later appeared in the spoof rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. Just Plain Smith were then joined by David Ballantyne, a singer who had enjoyed his own solo successes in the mid-sixties and a radio DJ. Ballantyne replaced Mic Read on guitar, but Read re-appeared with the band for their only single as Just Plain Jones for CBS records in 1971. From there, Read left to pursue a successful career in TV and radio as a presenter. Just Plain Smith also recorded Music To Eat Cakes By, Do You Love Me Baby (Do You Know?) in 1970 before morphing into Just Plain Jones.

Songwriters: Bill Heath, Chris Hatt, Charlie Adamson, Dick Ellis, Patrick Hannay.

 Tracks 6 & 8: Sixty Four Squares Music. Track 7: Norrie Paramor Music. Track 2: Chappell Morris Music.

All recorded and photographic material submitted and permitted by B. Heath. 2012.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Bill Heath, Chris Hatt. 2012.

Special thanks to: Bill Heath, Chris Hatt, David Wells.

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