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Little Free Rock

Genre Rock


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1. Roman Summer Nights

2. Wait A While

3. Blud

4. Dream

5. Evil Woman

6. Money On Your Mind

7. Evil Woman (second version)

 8. Time Is Of No Consequence

9. Tiego

10. Talking To The Trees

11. Big Bird

12. Money On Your Mind (second version)

13. Evil Woman (third version)

14. Time Is Of No Consequence (instrumental)  

Recording date: 1969-1971

Group Members: Peter Illingworth (lead gtr, vocs), Frank Newbold (bass gtr, vocs), Paul Varley (drums, perc), 'Lord' Eric Carboo (drums, perc), Terry Poole (bass gtr), Jon Taylor (bass gtr).

Additional Info: Tracks 1-5 recorded at Hendon, 1969. Tracks 6-14 recorded in Robert Stigwood studios for Robert Stigwood Agency, 1971.


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