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Nothineverappens Genre Rock


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1. Good Times

2. As I Went Out One Morning

3. Steal Away

4. Here's A Pound

5. Edge City Blues

Recording date: 1971
Group Members: Dave Eastwood (drums), Roy Neave (gtr), John Bentley (bass gtr), Doug Houston (sax), Steve 'snips' Parsons (vocs), Jim White (gtr), Keith Hale (kbds).
Additional Info: Nothineverappens were formed from the remnants of Chest Fever, another local Hull-based band. They were managed by the Hull Brick Company by Barry Nettleton. Enjoyed some national exposure supporting acts such as Mott The Hoople and Family. The band recorded several group originals at Fairview studios with Keith Herd, but after two years of gigging constantly and gaining record label interest, the band folded in 1972. Roy Neave went on to produce many other local bands with Keith Herd at Fairview studios. Steve 'snips' Parsons joined Sharks with Andy Fraser of well known band, Free. John Bentley eventually joined up with Glenn Tilbrook in Squeeze. Keith Hale joined up with Toyah Wilcox. Jim White and Keith Hale perform on tracks 3, 4 and 5.

Special thanks to Roy Neave, John Bentley, Keith Hale, Keith Herd.

All recorded material copyright Roy Neave/Steve Parsons/John Bentley/Keith Hale

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