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1 Checkin You Out Recordings Play Add to current playlist
2 Hollywood Bowl Recordings Play Add to current playlist
3 Like The Day Goes Recordings Play Add to current playlist
4 Mary Colinto Recordings Play Add to current playlist
5 Somebody Save Me Recordings Play Add to current playlist
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1. What's The Rush Dilbury?

2. Mary Colinto

3. Like The Day Goes

4. Somebody Save Me

5. Checkin' You Out

6. The Only One (I Ever Loved)

7. The Title Of A Rolling Stone

8. Hollywood Bowl

Recording date: Tracks 1-4 - 1968. Tracks 5-8 - 1975
Group Members:

Rob Moore (drums) (b. Robert Moore, 1953), Dave Bailey (organ, vocs), Paul Sergeant (gtr, vocs), Bob Catley (lead vocs) (b. Robert Adrian Catley, Thursday, September 11, 1947, Aldershot, Hampshire, UK), Dave Morgan (organ) (b. David Scott-Morgan, Wednesday, August 19, 1942, The Loveday Street Hospital, Bordesley, Birmingham, Warwickshire, UK).

Additional Info: 

Paradox originated from Erdington, Birmingham area in 1964 as The Capital Systems. This band had Paul Sergeant on lead guitar, Dave Bailey on guitar, organ, Paul Whitehouse on bass, vocals and Rob Moore on drums. The four guys had been to Great Barr Comprehensive and Marsh Hill Technical School. The band then got a residency at The Yenton Boys' Club, that met every Friday evening. In their early days the band played at The Plaza, Old Hill and The Plaza in Handsworth, Birmingham. The band later added lead vocalist Bob Catley (ex-The Smokestacks Rhythm Group). The Capital Systems was his first professional band, and he had answered an advertisement. The band had decided that if they wanted to compete in the big league they would need a singer out front to lead the band, thus they brought in Catley.

Catley's family had moved from Aldershot, to the Tile Cross area of Birmingham when he was young. He went on to attend the nearby Central Grammar School and left to start an apprenticeship at the GPO before deciding on a musical career shortly after meeting similarly minded individuals at college. During this time he joined several bands, such as The Smokestacks Rhythm Group, his first band. The Smokestacks were a five-piece band from Bordseley Green, Birmingham, who had their own van with the band's name painted on the side. They were a touth club and community hall band, who played one gig of their early gigs at a pub down by The St Andrew's Football Ground. Catley was later in Life and Clearwater.

The band spent hours rehearsing at The Atlas Bingo Hall in Stechford, Birmingham where Vic Sims was now the manager and was also the manager of The Capital Systems and had once managed The Andicaps. The band continued playing at The Yenton Boys' Club, before moving out and playing The Ringway Club, The Chalet, at The Lickey Hills, The Penthouse Club, on Constitution Hall and The Santa Rosa Club, on Soho Road in Birmingham. Their manager Sims also brought the group new suits to smarten up the band. When the group became fully professional they began to play in London, at places like The Empire Rooms, on Tottenham Court Road, Central London.

Their failure to get a recording contract on the back of their early demo's resulted in the departure of drummer Moore later to join fellow Birmingham act, The World of Oz (formed in January 1968), replacing their drummer Dave Reay (ex-Danny King's Jesters), before surfacing in Kansas Hook (see entry). Reary left because he wanted to go into management. The band later had Charlie Harrison on bass (b. 1953, 5 Temple Row, Mill Lane, Tamworth, Staffordshire) (ex-Chapter 24) and John 'Pank' Panteny on drums. In July 1968 Harrison left The Mercian Boys’ School and worked as an apprentice at Messrs. Percy Lane’s on the Lichfield Road Estate. He went to London with the group along with Carl Wayne (b. Colin David Tooley, Wednesday, August 18, 1943, The City (Dudley Road) Hospital, Winson Green, Birmingham, Warwickshire, UK d. Tuesday, August 31, 2004, Pyrford, Surrey, UK), leader of the recent chart-toppers The Move, and Dave Morgan. Harrison was soon replaced by Morgan.

This band later became The Paradox in 1967, named after a science-fiction novel, with a line-up of Bob Catley on lead vocals, Paul Sargeant on lead guitar,  Dave Morgan on bass, John 'Pank' Panteny on drums and Dave Bailey on guitar, organ. I guess Harrison must have rejoined the band at some time, maybe in 1969, replacing Morgan? Bob Catley went on to front Magnum (formed in 1972), a heavy rock outfit active in the early seventies. Rob Moore returned to join Paradox when they re-united for a single with Ariola records in the mid-seventies. Paradox did have a record produced by John Anthony, released on Monday, December 22, 1969 in the USA only (''Goodbye Mary'' (Morgan) / ''Ever Since I Can Remember'' (Morgan) on USA 72978, which featured Bob Catley, and Dave Morgan (Morgan had originally composed Mary Colinto and had been a member of a number of Birmingham bands. He had been organist in Danny King's Mayfair Set (Danny King and the Mayfair Set) in 1966, then Lead guitarist, lead vocalist in The Blaises, then The Uglys from 1968 and Balls February - December 1969. Paradox were nearly offered a contract with Pye records in 1968, but Pye failed to finalise on the deal. The band split in 1970.

In 1972 lead vocalist Bob Catley formed Magnum with lead guitarist Tony Clarkin (b. Anthony Michael Clarkin, Sunday, November 24, 1946, Shard End, Birmingham, Warwickshire, UK). Joining them were drummer Kex Gorin (b. Kevin Gorin, 1949, in Bromfield Road? Shard End, Birmingham, Warwickshire, UK d. Friday, December 21, 2007, of kidney cancer) and bassist Bob Doyle (b. Robert Doyle) (ex-The Conchords from Spring 1963). The band line-up remained the same until 1972, when the band was joined temporarily on rhythm guitar by Les Kitcheridge (b. Leslie Kitcheridge). Bob Doyle left Magnum in 1972 and joined Roy Wood's Wizzard and was replaced by bassist Dave Morgan (later a member of ELO). Magnum began as the house band at Birmingham's famous Rum Runner Night Club.

Special thanks to: Rob Moore, Stefan Granados.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Rob Moore, Paradox. 2011.

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