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Power and the Glory

Power and the Glory Genre Rock


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1. For Your Love
2. Eleanor Rigby

Recording date: 1968-1969

Group Members: Tony Cole (bass gtr, vocs), Terry Young (gtr), Chris Pallett, Kippa Wood (backing vocals) replaced by Mick Rutherford (lead gtr, vocals) in 1968.
Additional Info: Both recordings made at Zella studios, Edgbaston. Track One recorded in 1968. Track Two recorded in 1969. Group disbanded in 1971 with Mick Rutherford leaving to form Duterium. Photogrtaph shown is of pre-Power and the Glry act, FourXXXX5.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Mick Rutherford. 2012.

Special thanks to: The Purple Heart Archive, Mick Rutherford.

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