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Purple Barrier

Purple Barrier


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1. Tomorrow Of Yesterday

Recording date: 1967
Group Members: Eric Francis (vocs), Del Dwyer (gtr), Alan Brooks (drums), Alan Francis (bass gtr).

Additional Info: Formed circa 1966 in Fulham, London. Signed to Eyemark records and Philips records. All three record releases appeared in 1968.

Tomorrow Of Yesterday was the band's debut demo recording which was performed as The Purple Barrier (see entry). The song was recorded again with a full production and harpsichord (played by Eric Francis) and re-titled as Shapes and Sounds.

The term 'Purple' was dropped from the name so as to avoid any confusion with the band, Deep Purple.

EyemarK records issued their debut single in 1967. The group were then signed by Philips records and handled by the Howard / Blaikley songwriting team (DDDBM&T).

The Barrier were popular in Europe in the late 1960s and more renowned than in their UK homaland. After returning home from a European tour, the band were surprised to hear that they had a new single available by Philips. They were unwaware of the songs themselves and couldn't remember ever recording them. The band's management had arranged for session musicians to perform and record another Howard / Blaikley song which unbeknown to The Barrier, would be their second single!

NB. Eric Francis produced a single for a band called Information in 1970, released on the independent Evolution records label.


Special thanks to Del Dwyer, Eric Francis, Nigel Lees.

All recorded material copyright D. Dwyer / E. Francis. 2011.










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