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Mic Read

Mic Read Genre Rock


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1. Charley Brewster's DJ Show

2. Edward E. James Rainbow

3. If She's A Day

4. Nicola

5. Pictures On My Wall

6. What The Dickens 

Recording date:  1967

Group Members:  Mic Read (vocs, gtr), Keith Purnell (gtr), Ric Parnell (drums)

Additional Info: Mic Read (aka Mike Read) was originally from Bognor, Sussex. He eventually settled in Walton-on-Thames and established himself as a songwriter and musician there. In 1967, Read visited Graham Clark Sound Studios to record a number of his own songs. Graham Clark was actually a mechanical engineer devoted to motor racing, but also held ambitions to own a recording studio. He opened his studios to encourage new talent from the Surrey area and Mic Read recorded there in his early career. Other musicians who helped in the instrumental backing were Ric Parnell (son of Jack Parnell) and Keith Purnell. Ric Parnell was later invloved in a line-up of The Lost (see entry) with Bill Heath, Mic Read and Chris Hatt. He later played drums for Atomic Rooster, Horse and Horace (see entry) and even later, appeared in the mock rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. Keith Purnell later surfaced in Virgin Sleep, a psychedelic band from London (see entry).

After these demos were recorded, Mic Read wnet on to join fellow Sussex musicians, Martin Bury and Alan Smith to form Amber (see entry). After Amber quit, Read joined Bill Heath and Chris Hatt in The Lost (see entry) before the band re-emerged as Just Plain Smith in 1969. Although Read later departed from the band, he re-appeared with splinter group, Just Plain Jones alongside Bill Heath and David Ballantyne. With David Ballantyne and David Mindel, Read formed a songwriting team called Saturday. This resulted in a string of record releases under the name, Esprit De Corps.


All recorded and photographic material kindly submitted and permitted by M. Read. 2012.

All recorded and photographic material copyright M. Read. 2012.

Special thanks to: Mike Read, David Wells.


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