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Rampant Genre Rock


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1. Got To Get Away

2. I'm Telling You

Recording date: 1967
Group Members: Ritchie Peters (aka Peter Richardson) (vocs), Ron Hughes (lead tr), Dave Cawte / Don Golding / John Curtis (bass gtr), Mick Cooper (kbds), Ken Hughes (drums).
Additional Info: Originally formed circa 1965 as Ritchie Peters and The For-Tunes. Became Rampant in 1966. Mick Cooper left to join the Universal Trash Band (later to be called Heaven). Rampant recorded two songs at Bob Potter's studio in Mychett, Surrey in 1967. The band were auditioned by Decca records who turned the band down. John Curtis left the band to join Cherry Smash and Rampant then disbanded.


Special thanks to Mick Cooper, Ron Hughes, Richard Prest.

All recorded material copyright R. Hughes, M. Cooper. 2011.


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