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Squidd Genre Rock


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1. Lavender Castle

2. The Sorcerer's Apprentice

3. Twice Upon A Time

Recording date: 1972
Group Members: Rodney Matthews (drums), Steve Webb (gtr, lead vocs), Steve Swindells (keyboards, vibraphone, vocs), John Merritt (bass gtr, cowbell, vocs).
Additional Info: Formed in Bristol 1971. Lavender Castle and The Sorcerer's Apprentice were recorded at Christchurch studios in Clifton, Bristol for a radio show in 1972. Twice Upon A Time was recorded at the BBC studios, Whiteladies Road in Bristol for a Television show called Stackridge, Squidd & Co. in 1972.

Rodney Matthews and Steve Webb had originally played in another Bristol band called Originn with Graham Rose.

Information kindly supplied by Rodney Matthews 2010.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Rodney Matthews. 2011.

Special thanks to Rodney Matthews and Al Read.



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