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Sugar N Spice

Sugar N Spice Genre Rock


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1. Forest Of False Love

2. It's Crying Time Again

3. Love, Love, Love

4. Me Oh My

5. Solomon's Folly

6. Under The Boardwalk

Recording date: 1968
Group Members: Margaret Wedgner (vocs), Tony Auld (lead gtr), Barry Donald (bass gtr), Glen Petty (drums), Norman Cowie (kbds)
Additional Info: Sugar N Spice originated from Hull in 1968. Band members came together from various acts from Hull including Mandy and The Girlfriends, The Strollers, The Fabians, and The Dimes. The band were signed to EMI Columbia and were spotted and produced by producer, Bob Barratt. Sugar N Spice recorded several songs at Abbey Road studios circa 1968. They then ventured into the Cabaret circuit before splitting up in 1970.

Very special thanks to: Keith Herd, Ray Moody.


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