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Spyda Genre Rock


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1. To An Old Soldier

2. No Fixed Abode

3. Something Wicked This Way Comes

4. My Friend Yesterday

5. One On The Way

6. Happiness Is A Warm Gun

7. Life For Years

8. 1984 Lies

9. On A Day
Recording date: 1971
Group Members: Brian Goulden (vocs), Bob Braidwood (kbds), John Bunford (bass gtr), Nick McGuckin (lead gtr), Micky Burlison (gtr), Micky Balls (lead gtr), George 'Stodge' Otigbah (bass gtr), Colin Goulden (drums).
Additional Info: Originated from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Formed by two brothers, Brian and Colin Goulden. Previously known as The Facts O' Life and Bert's Apple Crumble before forming Spyda in 1970. Nick McGuckin had previously played in the Pleasure Machine. George Otigbah and Micky Balls had also previously played in local band, Sneeze.

Spyda performed many gigs at venues such as the Redcar Jazz Club and The Mayfair as a support act to names such as Edgar Broughton, Rory Gallagher and Terry Reid. They were eventually managed by Joe Robertson and Ivan Birchall for Open Door management. Open Door also managed Junco Partners and Brethren. Spyda performed an audition in Newcastle-upon-Tyne which would take them to Germany's Reeperbahn circuit and eventually the band (Brian Goulden, Colin Goulden, George Otigbah, Micky Balls, Bob Braidwood) visited Germany's Windrose Television studios to record a set of group originals. The recordings shown here are from that session. The recordings were produced by Herbert Hildebrant in 1971. An earlier line-up of Spyda had also recorded cover material at the BBC Maida Vale studios to be broadcast on Radio One, but the band were never informed if the songs were finally aired or not. Manager, Joe Roberston took the Windrose session tapes around London publishers and secured enough interest from Charisma, but not enough to warrant a publishing deal or recording contract.

Spyda were later introduced to producers, Shel Talmy and Hugh Murphy. Murphy took an interest, but demanded that the band record songs written by other songwriters. This prompted band members, George Otigbah and Bob Braidwood to leave having become disollusioned with London and the music business. As Hugh Murphy had given the band a PA, the remaining members, Brian Goulden, Colin Goulden and Micky Balls recorded further songs at Olympic studios in London in 1972, but Murphy's interest finally wained and the PA had to be returned. The songs recorded were Pedantica, My Friend Yesterday and at least one other group original, but sadly, these tapes have not been located.

All recorded and photographic material contributed by Brian Goulden. 2012.

All recorded and photographic material copyright B. Goulden/Spyda. 2012.

Special thanks to: Brian Goulden, Roger Smith.

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