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Tonge Genre Rock


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1. Child On High

2. Base 49

3. She's In Love With Another Man

4. Travelling Light

5. Can You See The Light

6. Open Your Eyes

7. Old Father Time

8. Looking At The World

Recording date: 1971
Group Members: Alan 'Albert' Grinyer (vocs), Eric Wright (gtr, vocs), Dave Barnard (bass gtr, vocs), Hugh Moore (drums).
Additional Info: Tonge originated from the Worthing area of East Sussex circa 1970. Tonge recorded several tracks at Radio Brighton studios circa 1971. Tracks 7 & 8 were committed to acetate to push the band to music publishers having signed to the Forum Group Agency. After Tonge split up in the later 1970s, most band members reformed as The Depressions during the Punk era. The Depressions re-recorded 'Looking At The World' and called it 'When They Take Me Away'.

NB. Unfortunately, the surviving tape has suffered over the years and as a result some dips in the audio are present.

Special thanks to: Melvyn Taylor, Alan Grinyer.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Tonge. 2012.

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