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Undergrowth of Literature

Genre Rock


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1. Gotta Have A New Dress


3. Now

4. Manic Depression

5. High In The Sky

Recording date: 1968

Group Members: Chris Hatt (lead gtr), Martin Hatt (bass gtr), Charlie Adamson (drums), John Vaughan (vocs).

Additional Info: Chris Hatt and Martin Hatt were also playing with a band called The Lost (see entry). Charlie Adamson had played in Paradise Lost (see entry for The Lost) with Chris and Martin Hatt. Undergrowth Of Literature formed in June, 1968 to tour the holiday camps for the summer season. Their live set included all the above titles and various other 'covers' for entertainment. At the end of their seasonal tour, the band decided to record their songs as a memento of their time together and visited R. G. Jones studios in Morden, Surrey. Later that same year, Chris and Martin hatt reformed The Lost with Bill Heath, Dick Ellis, Mic Read and Jake Walton.


All recorded and photographic material kindly submitted and premitted by Bill Heath, Chris Hatt. 2012.

All recorded and photographic material copyright B. Heath, C. Hatt. 2012.

Special thanks to: Bill Heath, Chris Hatt. 

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