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Whichwhat Genre Rock


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1. Wind Out Of Nowhere

Recording date: 1976
Group Members: Eddie Young (vocs), Terry Penn (bass gtr), Walt Savage (kbds), Ray Marshall (drums), Mick Brown (flute, sax) 
Additional Info: Originated from Nottingham circa 1968. The band were signed to the Banner productions agency in Nottingham and then gained a recording contract with Milton Samuels, an American producer who owned Beacon  records label. The Banner agency also promoted Sons and Lovers, another Nottingham band to Beacon records. Whichwhat recorded five singles and an LP for Beacon from 1968 to 1971. Their records enjoyed successes in Japan, Australia and Europe. Whichwhat were close friends and rivals of Sons and Lovers and Six Across (see entry).


All recorded and photographic material copyright W. Savage/Whichwhat. 2012.

Special thanks to: W. Savage.




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