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Crystalline Genre Rock


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1. Another Sunset, Another Dawn

2. Peace Of Mind

3. A House Is Not A Motel

4. Here From There

5. Crimson Nights

Recording date: 1970

Group Members: Vivienne Jones (vocs), Roger Hilliard (bass gtr), Anthony Barford (gtr, vocs), Graham Richards (sax, flute), Mick Knobbs (bass gtr), Mark Griffiths (gtr), Steve Gordon (drums).

Additional Info: Originated from Northampton circa 1968. Also known (and performed) as Axe. All songs recorded at Beck Studios, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire (see entries for: Wicked Lady, Autumn, Dark, Mind Exchange, Juicy). Formed originally as Axe Music, the band evolved in 1969 with Mark Griffiths leaving to join Matthews Southern Comfort. The band were better known locally as Axe, but an agent persuaded the band to call themselves Crystalline much to their dismay. Vivienne Jones left the band as did Graham Richards and the band carried on performing as Axe. Fil footage exists from a gig at the Abington Park bandstand on Sunday, 31st May, 1970. The footage was taken by Steve Giles who was also a member of the band, Dark (see entry), another Northampton outfit that recorded at Beck studios around this time.

All recorded and photographic material kindly supplied by Anthony Barford. 2012.

All recorded and photographic material copyright A. Barford. 2012.

Special thanks to: Tony Barford, Antoni (Guerssen), Marc Argenter Lopez.

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