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John Pantry

John Pantry Genre Rock


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Releases (1)
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1. Come Home Letter

2. Dream Stealer

Recording date:
Group Members: John Pantry (gtr, kbds, vocs)
Additional Info: John Pantry is a guitarist, pianist /songwriter who was active in the 1960s and 1970s. He was involved in bands such as Peter and The Wolves, The Bunch, Norman Conquest and The Factory before becoming a solo artist. He was signed to Eddie Tre-Vett music publishing as a songwriter. John Pantry left the music scene to devote his time and performing to Christian worship.

Recordings 1 & 2 are taken directly from an acetate.

Very special thanks to John Pantry, David Wells, Mark Frumento, the Rock Dentist.

All recorded material copyright J. Pantry. 2012.




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