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Wildmouth Genre Rock


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1. Greasy Heart

2. A House Is Not A Motel

Recording date: 1969
Group Members: Cord Rees (gtr), Mick Wilson (bass gtr), Roland Kemp (gtr), Gordon Shaw (bass gtr), Jo Hanson (vocs), Bob Ward (gtr), Roland Roberts (drums).
Additional Info: Active on the festival circuit circa 1969/1970. Wildmouth later recorded several songs for Pye with a view to signing to Pye subsidiary, Dawn. Unfortunately these recordings have not been located. Band members featured on the acetate demo recording are: Cord Rees, Mick Wilson (vocals on A House Is Not A Motel), Roland Roberts, Bob Ward and Jo Hanson.

With no contract signed, the band folded and songwriter, Bob Ward left to join Arthur Brown as his roadie. Bob Ward eventually went on to organise tours for major artists such as American R&B artists, Beyonce for her UK tours.

Special thanks to Jo Hanson (Parton), Bob Ward, Roland Kemp. Thanks also to Mr. Happening.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Wildmouth. 2011.





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