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Wellington's Boot

Wellington's Boot Genre Rock


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1. These Are The Things

2. Sunshine Face

3. I Will Love You Forever

Recording date: circa 1967
Group Members: Ian Bowden (bass gtr), Pete Bradley (gtr), Derek Ferguson (drums), Mick Campy (vocs).
Additional Info: Originally known as the Fourth Dimension then Wellingtons Boot before finally becoming Mysty Dgynn . The band came from Wakefield in Yorkshire.

As Wellingtons Boot, Pete Bradley swapped the guitar to play organ and Mick Campy played guitar. The band started to write their own songs and recorded three songs at King street studios in Huddersfield which was owned and run by Mat Mathias of the famous Matamp amplifiers before joining Cliff Cooper to assist in developing the Orange amplifier.

The main photograph is of the Fourth Dimension as there are no surviving photographs of Wellingtons Boot. The Fourth Dimension line-up is exactly the same as Wellingtons Boot.

I Will Love You Forever - unknown composer.

(Pete Bradley hosts his own website: Roll Back The Years )


All information kindly supplied by Pete Bradley. Special thanks to Pete Bradley.

Songs 1 and 2 copyright Pete Bradley. 2011.

Below photo of Mysty Dgynn circa 1968. All recorded and photographic material copright P. Bradley. 2011.



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