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Friends of BMA offer a deeper insight into the history of recorded popular music and its geographical origin nationwide. With localised knowledge and written contributions from the people who were there, these external links highlight the countless musicians, songwriters, music producers and recording studios of British rock and roll. Friends of BMA share an invaluable insight into their respective music histories.


A GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION RESOURCE Brighton & Hove bands A-Z Coventry bands Birmingham music scene 1960s Welwyn Garden City, etc.. bands Coventry music scene Southampton music scene 1950s 1980s bands of Cumbria Obscure British bands Cornwall South East of England bands Lancashire Manchester 1960s Brtish psychedlia Radio Craft studios, Mat Mathias, etc.. Portsmouth music scene Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, etc.. History of British recording studios Portsmouth music scene Cornwall music scene, etc Newcastle-upon-Tyne music scene (Joe Meek Society) Yorkshire music scene Teesside bands A historical look at British pop festivals Tamworth music scene 1960s 1990s A specilaist music outlet that produces

a wide range of retrospective material related to the content of the BMA. A specialist music outlet that produces a wide range

of retrospective material related to the content of the BMA. A Brighton-based site that is dedicated to celebrating it's local

underground music scene of the 1970s. A various artists CD anthology of some recordings made

at Fairview studios over the years. A more in-depth and historical look at the Fairview

recording studios in Hull. It has been of considerable help to the content of the BMA. Previously known as Tuesday's Children who are included on

the BMA. 1960s band from Liverpool. An informative resource on the nationwide music festivals

since the 1960s. California ballroom:  An online heritage website dedicated to documenting the many acts who performed at the California ballroom from the 1960s to 1980s. A hugely popular venue that was/is infamously referred to as the 'Cali'. Swindon music scene:  Past bands/artsits from the Swindon area (Justn Hayward, etc..) Middletonia:  Past bands/artsist from the Middleton area of England, near Manchester. Cavern after hours:  Bary Cohen's own fascinating musical journey that takes a more in-depth look at the lesser-known bands from Liverpool who followed in The Beatles footsteps. 

vintagehofner:  Documenting past bands that used Hofner amplifiers and equipment. Features lots of contributions from original musicians.     A fascinating and detailed look at sme of the more obscure British bands from yesteryear with original musicians contributions.    A listing of various acts who originated from the Walthamstow area of London in the past.   A sight of interest for 1950s and 1960s music enthusiasts.    A nostalgic and in-depth analysis of Merseyside bands/artist with detailed listings from the 1960s era.    An informative site dedicated to listing numerous bands/artists originating from Scotland from the past to present day.     A website dedicated to the 1960s bands/artist originating from the Isle of Wight. Also expands into the Isle of Wight's rock music heritage.     A comprehensive resource dedicated to documneting idealogical British bands from 1970 to present day.

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